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Big Bang Briefly

2007, 3D, CG

I did pre-production, and 2D animation on this project at Thornberg & Forester 

Story Teller: Janna Levin
Director: Keith Olwell and Elizabeth Kiehner
Executive Producer: Keith Olwell and Elizabeth Kiehner
Graphic Sequences Directed by: Justin Meredith & Joe Russ
Designers: Justin Meredith, Joe Russ, & Carl Burton
2D Animators: Joe Russ, Ken Thousand Krueger, Carl Burton, Emil Bardh
3D Animators: Joe Russ, John L. Henuki
Score: Co-Pilot
Composer Ravi Krishnaswami
Co-Pilot Executive Producer Jason Menkes
Animation Studio: Thornberg & Forester 
Editorial: Proton Studio
Editor: Keith Olwell
DP: Luke Geissbuhler
Color: James Long